Emissions Testing

Emissions from contruction products may be a relevant cause of indoor pollution. Additionally, energ saving and airtight construction methods may aggravate this problem. Thus, it comes as no surprise the international and national legislation* and voluntary quality assurance stipulate more and more specific requirements on the emissions behaviour of construction products.  

One of the focusses of our testing know-how is the measurement of outgassings in the emission test chamber. With a capacity of more than 85 stainless-steel and glass test chambers in different sizes (from 125 litres) we are able to act fast and flexible to your wishes (start of testing usually within one week after sample arrival).

As accredited and expert testing body experts we also accomplish emission examinations according to the approval principles of the DIBt (German Institute for Structural Engineering) and evaluate products in regards of 

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Our performances — your advantages:

  • Many years of experience with test chamber emission measurements according to ISO 16000
  • More than 85 test chambers of stainless steel and glass in different sizes from 125 litres
  • High flexibility and short operating time
  • Competent advise for product optimisation, ensuring for continuous product quality and support concerning national and international quality criteria and legal requirements
  • Expert testing body of the German Institute for Structural Engineering (DIBt)
  • External/quality inspection body in the frame of the national technical approval (abZ)

Our analytical performance spectrum:

  • Emissions analysis and evaluation according to national and international requirements (e.g., DIBt, AgBB, AFSSET, CS01350)
  • Emissions testing of of volatile organic compounds (VOC, SVOC) and formaldehyde
  • Test chamber measurement according to ISO 16000
  • Odour testing according to VDA

* For example:

  • Besides adhesives, floor coverings are the fist construction products for which, in Germany, concrete legal requirements in terms of emissions are effective.Read more
  • Since January 1, 2012, cnstruction, decoration and furnishing products to be traded in France are to be albelled with an emissions classification. Read more
  • Since January 1, 2015, product being traded on the Beglian market for the first time have to have a emission file. Read more

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