Indoor air analysis and pollutants in buildings

In cooperation with the eco indoor air quality corporation (eco-Luftqualität & Raumklima GmbH)  and  the expert office Dr. Zwiener we offer you the laboratory service for the complete range of indoor analytics and evaluation including the issuing of redevelopment concepts. 

Our performances — your advantages:

  • Investigations and expert evaluations of problem definitions in connection with air pollutions and the indoor climate
  • Measurement and source determination of indoor air pollutions, pollutants, odours
  • Evaluation of microbiological and hygenic indor air characteristics
  • Polluted land registers (among other things asbestos, AMF, PCB, PCP, moulds)
  • Determination of the causes of sensitivity disorders, etc. 
  • Analysis of biological impurities (allergens, toxins, moulds)
  • Testing and evaluation of construction pollutants
  • Expert opinion on emissions off construction products
  • Expert opinions on cases of building damage
  • Development of concepts for the pollutant investigation of public buildings
  • Inspection of buildings, pollutant acquisition, sampling, risk evaluation
  • Redevelopment concepts, performance specifications, redevelopment inspections
  • Development of innovative redevelopment methods

Our range of analytic activities:

  • Emissions analyses (outgassing)
  • Compound analyses of air, material and house dust for PCB, PCP, lindane, formaldehyde, pesticides, PAH, heavy metals, phthalates, flame retardants and many others

Cooperations and partners

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