In 2006, the French Agence française de sécurité sanitaire de l’environnement et du travail (AFSSET; since 2010 ANSES: Agence nationale de sécurité, de l'alimentation, de l'environment et du travail) published for the first time a quideline on the limitations of VOC emissions (by construction products) in indoor air. In 2009, this so called AFSSET guideline was revised and now regards VOC emissions from a total of 165 substances.

Tests according to the AFSSET scheme may be performed on all construction products.

The basis of testing is ISO 16000, thus equating the in Germany legally required method the Committee for Health-Related Evaluation of Building Products (AgBB) and the German Institute for Engineering (DIBt) take as basis.

Different to the recently published French VOC decret (obligatory from Jan 1, 2012) a test according to the AFSSET criteria is voluntary for the manufacuterer but more detailed though.

Overview European limit values after 28 days

Parameter      -> 28 days

Limit value AgBB 2015 


Limit value Belg. VOC regulation 2014


Limit value French A+ VOC regulation 2011

Limit value Affset 2009



1000 µg/m3

1000 µg/m3

1000 µg/m3

1000 µg/m3


100 µg/m3

100 µg/m3

not defined

not defined


2900 µg/m3 *)

≤ 300 µg/m3

<300 µg/m3

300 µg/m3 *)


100 µg/m3  *)

≤ 100 µg/m3

<10 µg/m3

10 µg/m3 *)


1200 µg/m3 *)

≤ 200 µg/m3

<200 µg/m3

200 µ/m3 *)

CMR 1A & 1B

1 µg/m3

1 µg/m3

≤ 1 µg/m3  (CMR-VO)

≤ 1 µg/m3  (CMR-VO)

R value


≤ 1

not defined

≤ 1


100 µg/m3

not defined

not defined

100 µg/m3


The eco-INSTITUT looks foward evalutating the the tests of your products according to the AFSSET scheme or the new French specification. Contact us!

Download documents

AVIS de l'AFSSET (Protocole AFSSET 2009)

RAPPORT de l'AFSSET (Protocole AFSSET 2009)

French CMR regulation

Apart from the French VOC decree, in France a CMR regulation (CMR=carcinogenic, mutagenic and/or reprotoxic substances) is effective since January 2010: i.e. construction products may only be traded in France if, after 28 days,  they feature emissions less than 1μg/m3 of each trichloroethylene, benzene, DEHP and DBP. As norm series the ISO 16000 also is stated. (more infos on; last update 12th March 2015) Since DEHP and DPB, however, are not traceable via this specification, we offer you an additional evalutation regarding these substances.


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