M1 - Emission Classification of Building Materials

In 1995, the first version of the Finnish emissions classification was developed as part of the Classification of Indoor Climate, Construction, and Finishing Materials by the Finnish Society of Indoor Air Quality and Climate (FiSIAQ) and had been granted in 1996 for the first time.

Today, the Finnish quality label for construction products being granted in three categories - of which M1 is the best one and stands for low-emission - by the Building Information Foundation RTS ranks among the leading quality labels of Scandinavia.

eco-INSTITUT is approved, independent M1 testing lab and is happy to test your products according to the criteria of the M1 emissions classification. Contact us!

Testing and criteria

To be granted the quality label, an emission test (incl ammonia, formaldehyde, and carcinogenics) and an odour test has to be perfomed on the construction product. The time period of testing is 28 days.

The criteria and processes are stipulated by the Committee Indoor Air Classification (EPT 24) being appointed by the general manager of the Building Information Foundation RTS.






Minimum of 70%  of the compounds shall be identified


< 0,2


< 0,4


> 0,4

Formaldehyde (HCOH)

< 0,05

< 0,125

> 0,125

Ammonia (NH3)

< 0,03

< 0,06

> 0,06

Carcinogenic compounds

belonging to category 1 of IARC monographs (IARC 1987)*

< 0,005

< 0,005


(dissatisfaction with odour shall be below 15%)**

No odour

No odour


* IARC 1987, does not apply to formaldehyde (IARC 2004)

** Result of sensory evaluation shall be > + 0,0

NEWS: Update of M1 Protocol for Chemical and Sensory Testing of Building Materials!

In Jan 2015 the updated M1 Protocol for Chemical and Sensory Testing of Building Materials was published. From this version on office furniture are considered. Further the loading specification and VOC measurement specification have been updated. Th

This new version from Jan 22nd, 2015 replace the older version from May 21st, 2014.

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About Building Information Foundation RTS

The Building Information Foundation RTS is research and development association as much as publisher of a variety of media about the topic of construction. The Building Information Ltd is publisher and marketer of construction products and services. Together they operate under  the name of  the Building Information. The foundation’s aim is the promotion of development and appliance of low-emission construction products. The Building Information Foundation RTS is a private foundation with agents of 49 Finnish construction organisations.

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