AgBB evaluation scheme

Since VOC emissions off construction products may be a relevant cause for indoor air pollution, the Committee for Health-related evaluation of Building Products (AgBB*), having been founded in 1997, worked out testing criteria the AgBB evaluation scheme for VOC emission off construction products has been developed out of. The aim is the support and production of extra low-emission construction products.

This so-called AgBB scheme is reguarly reviewed and edited, the last time in February 2015 (further infos).

In 2004, the German Institute for Structural Engineering (DIBt) took the AgBB scheme as basis for developing the "approval principles for health-evaluation of indoor construction products". These are significantly relevant for gaining the U mark within the frame of the national technical approval (abZ).

The AgBB evaluation scheme also complies with the series of standards ISO 16000 being globally relevant for construction products, and so equally corresponds with national and international requirements.

Overview European limit values after 28 days

Parameter      -> 28 days

Limit value AgBB 2015 


Limit value Belg. VOC regulation 2014


Limit value French A+ VOC regulation 2011

Limit value Affset 2009



1000 µg/m3

1000 µg/m3

1000 µg/m3

1000 µg/m3


100 µg/m3

100 µg/m3

not defined

not defined


2900 µg/m3 *)

≤ 300 µg/m3

<300 µg/m3

300 µg/m3 *)


100 µg/m3  *)

≤ 100 µg/m3

<10 µg/m3

10 µg/m3 *)


1200 µg/m3 *)

≤ 200 µg/m3

<200 µg/m3

200 µ/m3 *)

CMR 1A & 1B

1 µg/m3

1 µg/m3

≤ 1 µg/m3  (CMR-VO)

≤ 1 µg/m3  (CMR-VO)

R value


≤ 1

not defined

≤ 1


100 µg/m3

not defined

not defined

100 µg/m3


eco-INSTITUT tests and evaluates your products in compliance with AgBB scheme requirements.

eco-INSTITUT is DIBt approved testing, inspection and certification body and has more than 85 emissions test chambers as per ISO 16000 on hand. Contact us!

*The AgBB consists of: the Health Institutes of the Federal States, the Federal Environmental Agency (UBA), The German Institute for Structural Engineering (DIBt), the Conference of the State Ministers and Senators for Town Building, Building and Housing Affairs, the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM), the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment and the 'Co-ordinating Commitee 03 for Hygiene, Health and the Environment' of the Building and Civil Engineering Standards Committee within DIN (DIN-KOA 03).

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