Blue Angel

The Blue Angel is the first mark of quality of the world.

For more than 35 years it labels products being particularily environmentally and climatic friendly: up till today more than 12000 times the Blue Angel mark has been awarded.

eco-INSTITUT is Blue Angel approved testing body and tests your products according to the Blue Angel criteria focusing on VOC emissions. Contact us!

NEWS: New basic criteria RAL-UZ 128 for "Low-Emission Textile Floor Coverings"

In February 2016 the Blue Angel published the revised basic criteria "RAL-UZ 128" for "Low-Emission Textile Floor Coverings".

Now odour testing according to ISO 16000-28 has been implemented. For first testing of Blue Angel "Low-Emission Textile Floor Coverings" it is mandatory to perform in addition to the VOC testing the sensory testing of the standard DIN ISO 16000-28 having been launched in 2012. For the annual follow-up testing the odour testing according to Swiss standard SNV 195651 oder GUT is sufficient. Products bearing the GUT label do not need to be specially follow-up tested.

Because of their large surface floor coverings have a particularly high potential for affecting the indoor air quality. By awarding the eco-label to textile floor coverings – in addition to resilient floor coverings - the Blue Angel draws the consumer’s attention to a health-compliant alternative in this product sector. The label is awarded to textile floor coverings that outgas particularly small amounts of organic compounds and formaldehyde into the indoor air.

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August 2015: New basic criteria RAL-UZ 198 for "Internal Plasters"

Since August 2015 there is now also a Blue Angel for "Low-Emission Internal Plasters" (RAL-UZ 198). It is awarded to mineral and ace resin bound internal plasters emitting especially few VOCs into the indoor air.

By the use of low-emission products bearing the Blue Angel possible health hazards can be reduced to a minimum which is insofar especially relevant for internal plasters as these have a special high potential of burdening the indoor air due to their large surfaces.

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March 2015: New basic criteria RAL-UZ 148 for "Leather"

In March 2015 the Blue Angel published the revised basic cirteria "RAL-UZ 148" for "Leather". The former basic criteria RAL-UZ 148 "Low-Emission Upholsery Leathers" of January 2010 is still valid till 2016.

The Blue Angel for "Leathers" enables manufacturers of upholstered furniture the deliberate use of low-emission leather upholstery and via this the possibilty to offer the consumer non-health hazarduous upholstered funriture. It is awarded to leathers whose impacts on environment and health are reduced to a minimum during production and time of being in use till their recycling and disposal. This is insofar relevant as leathers, due to their large surfaces and long period of being in use, may be a great source of in door air pollutants.

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