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The German Cork Association (DKV) was founded as early as in 1985: aim of the organisation is, on the one hand, the quality assurance of cork products (such as floor coverings, insulating materials) and, on the other hand, the optimisation of manufacturing processes and support and initiative of research projects.

In cooperation with the eco-INSTITUT (then: eco-Umweltinstitut) the DKV developed the Cork logo in 1997, the one and only valid mark of quality especially for cork floor coverings. The mark of quality ensures product quality, eco-friendliness, sustainability and the meeting of technical and chemical European requirements and norms, for example, in terms of pollutant emissions.

The UL ECO-INSTITUT advises you and tests your products concerning the meeting of the cork logo requirements.

As cooperation partner of the DKV the UL ECO-INSTITUT also offers you the latest information on relevant market requirements and developments. Contact us!


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