DGNB certificate

In summer 2007, on the initiative of various branches of the construction and the real-estate sectors the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) was brought into being.  The DGNB focusses on sustainable, environmentally friendly and economically efficent building. Construction fulfilling these criteria may be labelled with DGNB certificate having been developed in 2009. The label is rewarded in the three categories of Bronze, Silver and Gold.

The quality mark of the DGNB is subdivided into 6 fields:

  • ecological quality
  • economical quality
  • sociocultural and functional quality
  • technical quality
  • process quality
  • location quality

whereat, inter alia, indoor air quality by the applied (indoor) construction materials is examined but also the use of further certified, e.g. Blue Angel, products.

The eco-INSTITUT competently advises you concering the fulfillment of DGNB or Blue Angel criteria in the fields of indoor air quality and low-emission and low-pollutant (indoor) construction products. Contact us!

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