Golden M

The Golden M is the quality mark of the German Furniture Quality Assurance Association (DGM) which is part of the German Quality Assurance Association RAL. The quality assurance, founded in 1973, according to RAL-GZ 430 ("General quality assurance and test criteria for furniture") focuses during the testing of the furniture on  stability, service life and the meeting of limit values of health-hazarduous substances (formaldehyde, residues of solvents etc.), volatile compounds (alkanes, esters, terpene, ketones, hydrocarbones etc.)  and biocides, CFC, flame retardents and heavy metals. 

The Golden M is the only approved and voluntary mark of quality in Germany for complete furniture such as bath room, kitchen, bed room and upholstered furniture and also furniture for children, teenager and schools.

The eco-INSITUT is an approved testing body and tests your products accroding to the test criteria for furniture RAL-GZ 430. Contact us!



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