Naturtextil IVN certification

Since 2000 the quality seal Naturtextil IVN certified BEST is rewarded by the International Association of Natural Textile Industry (IVN) being founded in 1999. The IVN emerged from the workgroup Naturtextil (AKN) of 1989 and counts more than 100 members these days.

Criteria in order to obtain the Naturtextil IVN certification are -  apart from ecological production processes and premium, low-pollutant, environmentally-friendly quality - humane production conditions of the textiles. A further prerequisite is the use of 100% certified fibres. So the naturtextil label is even stricter in its requirements which were co-developed and refined by the eco-INSTITUT than the GOTS label being rewarded by the International Working Group on Global Organic Standards (IWG) the IVN is a founding member of.

The eco-INSTITUT is an approved IVN testing body and member and tests your products in terms of the Naturtextil IVN Certified BEST criteria. Contact us!


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