Since there were no statutory provisions concerning the character of latex mattresses (and, by the way, still are no), in the mid 1990s, on the initiative of the eco-INSTITUT (then: eco-Umweltinstitut) a kind of round table came into existence consisting of those who deal with the production and processing of natural latex. This resulted in the founding of the Quality Association for Environmentally-Agreeable Latex Mattresses (QUL); latex foamers, mattress manufacturerers and dealer and many others are members of the QUL.

Mattresses meeting the strictest requirements which were co-developed by the eco-INSTITUT may be labelled with the QUL certificate. Parametres of the test are, for example, volatile organic compounds (VOC), pesticides, health-hazarduous heavy metalls, PCP and nitrosamines.

The eco-INSTITUT is part of the advisory board of the QUL and authorised chemical QUL testing body. Contact us!


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