Ü mark of conformity

NOTE: for the topics of Ü mark/national technical approvals please pay attention to the statements by the DIBt and its draft on requirement on buildings in the right side bar!

The European Construction Products Regulation (CPR) describes the fundamental requirements on hygiene, health and environment protection. In Germany, the approval principles for health-evaluation of construction products by the German Institute for Structural Engineering (DIBt) specify these, especially concerning emissions.

So in Germany, for reasons of health and environment, the Ü mark of conformity on the basis of a national technical approval  (abZ) is required for

Note: The Ü mark of conformity on the basis of the abZ is compulsory for those products for interior use. That means: who uses products without Ü mark which are nevertheless sold in DIY stores, for example, defies the Building Regulations of the Land.

The DIBt has recognised the eco-INSTITUT as testing, inspection and certification body.

We like to advise and support you with the realisation of the technical requirements. Contact us!

CE marking

The placing of construction products on the European market is regulated by the European Construction Regulation (CPR). The construction products complying with the requirements being stipulated in technical specifications are entitled to be identified with the CE marking and to be traded.

This regulation applies:

The eco-INSTITUT is an European notified body for external inspection and product testing (AoC 1 and 3)in the domain of the EN 14041 and an European notified body for product testing (AoC 3) in the domain of EN 14342.

We like to advise you and support you with the realisation of the technical requirements. Please contact us!

Since its publication of a second statement (dated Dec 2015) concerning the future of abZs after the CJEU's judgment the DIBt published a draft on future requirements on buildings in terms of health protection. more

With this first customer info of the new year 2016 we would like to inform you about the new statement by the German Institute for Structural Engineering (Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik – DIBt) about the legal position concerning national technical approvals (allgemeine bauaufsichtliche Zulassungen – abZs) after the CJEU’s judgment of Oct 16, 2014 which can be summarised as follows: more

NEWS: National technical approvals probably to be dropped from Oct 16, 2016

Click here to go to eco-INSTITUT's customer info about 1st comment by German Institute for Structural Engineering on the European Court of Justice's judgment from Oct 16, 2014, and its related impacts on national technical approvals


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