Safety you can count on!

We have grown to become one of the leading providers of product and emissions testing and quality assurance focussing on


  • the current legal national and international requirements,
  • the self-commitment of trade and manufacturers associations -
  • and last but not least, on your special requests.
  • Naturally a start of testing is possible on short call (usually within one week).


One of our priorities of test competence for your product is the testing of emissions in more than 85 test chambers (stainless steel and glass in the sizes from 125l) as per ISO 16000.

In our modernly equipped laboratories we examine and test a wide range of products such as

Our self-concept goes beyond the merely analytical laboratory services. We see ourselves as independent problem solvers and advisers for our clients and help you achieve more product quality and more safety - safety you can count on!

We look forward to your enquiry!

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Since beginning of October 2016 Daniel Tigges belongs, by the side of Dr. Frank Kuebart, to the management of eco-INSTITUT Germany GmbH. Read more


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