Label for low-pollutant and low-emission indoor products

“With eco-INSTITUT-Label we wanted to create a reliable quality label for products fulfilling requirements on pollutants and emissions following the latest state of the art of international research and science. We are proud that now more than 100 manufacturers trust in eco-INSTITUT-Label.”

Dr. Frank Kuebart, Managing director and founder of eco-INSTITUT

For 10 years eco-INSTITUT has been labelling products for indoor use fulfilling strictest requirements on pollutants and emissions with eco-INSTITUT-Label.

News: eco-INSTITUT-Label now has its own website

All information in detail, documents and testing criteria you find on the new site of eco-INSTITUT-Label on

Further you find there the data bank listing all eco-INSTITUT-Labelled products.

Short overview eco-INSTITUT-Label

Testing criteria and scope

Testing criteria and limit values to be complied with are developed according to the latest state of the art and are also product group specifically defined by eco-INSTITUT.

Extensive lab tests are performed.

The focus is on emissions testing (outgassing) in the test chamber (according to ISO 16000).

Additionally, analyses of compounds  – depending on product group – are performed on selected parametres such as heavy metals, pesticides, halogenorganic compounds.

Advantages of eco-INSTITUT-Label for manufacturers

  • Assignment of eco-INSTITUT-label for 2 years (a laboratory test is necessary every 2 years)
  • eco-INSTITUT-label with an individual, allocated certification number for advertising use on the product and in the product documentation
  • Listing of the product in data base of eco-INSTITUT-Label with individual url for manufacturer
  • Certificate in three languages (German/English/French)
  • Cost transparency by fix standard prices and a clear payment system for the use of the label
  • More safety and improved product quality by comprehensive emissions and pollutant testing
  • Label approved by national and international programmes
  • Quality label recommended by TV, radio and consumer platforms

Advantages for consumers

  •  Safety and no health risks due to comprehensive emission and toxicological testing
  • Healthier products and thus less toxicological contamination in your home
  • Advice on shopping decisions due to additional product information
  • Transparent criteria of testing
  • List of certified products
  • Label approved by national and international programmes
  • Quality label recommended by TV, radio and consumer platforms

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For eco-INSTITUT-Label the following products can be be tested by eco-INSTITUT:
  • Floor coverings
  • Construction products
  • Mattresses
  • Bedding goods
  • Furniture
  • Furnishings

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