Product testing

On the basis of more than 25 years of experience in the analysis of trace and residues of hazarduous chemicals in many different materials we fast and competently test and evaluate your products focussing on the current legal requirements, the self-committment of trade and manufacturer associations - and, last but not least, on your special requests.

One of our priorities of test competence is the testing  of emissions (outgassing) in more than 85 stainless steel and glass test chambers according to ISO 16000 (and EN 717-1).

In our modernly equipped laboratories we examine and test a wide range of products, such as

We label your low-emission and low-pollutant product with the eco-INSTITUT-Label and support you in regards of meeting national and international quality requirements as the eco-INSTITUT is also accredited as expert testing body by other testing bodies and label providers (e.g., Blue AngelCork-Logo, LEED, etc.)

Testing areas
If you need information about further testing areas or about legal or voluntary marks of conformity, contact us.



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