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AgBB scheme 2021 – background and emissions testing


  • Dr. Ana Maria Scutaru  (German Environment Agency | AgBB – Secretariat Committee for Health Evaluation of Building Products)
  • Alexandra Kühn (eco-INSTITUT)
  • Daniel Tigges (eco-INSTITUT)

Goal of the seminar:

  • direct and quick information transfer from experts
  • get-together of all process actors
  • interaction between speakers and participants
  • net working

Date & time: 9th November 2021; 1 pm –  2 pm

Platform: ZOOM

Presenter: Daniel Tigges, Alexandra Kühn, Dr. Ana Maria Scutaru

Language: Englisch

Fee: Free of charge


VOC emissions from construction products are an important cause of indoor air pollution.

Therefore, the Committee for Health-related evaluation of Building Products, founded in 1997, developed test criteria and – based on these criteria – the AgBB evaluation scheme for VOC emissions from construction products.

The AgBB scheme is probably the most important European test scheme for product emissions and defines with its requirements the suitability of the tested products for indoor use (hazard prevention). With the evaluated parameters TVOC, TSVOC, VOC without LCI, C-substances and the R-value concept, it forms the basis for many voluntary test labels, such as the Blue Angel, GEV emicode, natureplus or the eco-INSTITUT-Label.

AgBB scheme takes into account the DIN EN 16516 in conjunction with the ISO 16000 series of standards, which are globally pioneering for construction products, and is thus based on national and international requirements. Thus, products that meet the AgBB requirements are also recognised for use in international LEED building projects. AgBB tests can additionally be evaluated according to legal requirements (e.g. in France and/or Belgium) or for applying for voluntary test marks.

This so-called AgBB scheme is regularly reviewed and edited, the last time version was published in June 2021. From June 2022 the usage of version 2018 will not be allowed any more, till then there is a transition period of one year since June 2021.

Within the framework of our web seminar series Competence Meets Cooperation, we like to present to our customers more in-depth information about the AgBB scheme.

By the way: eco-INSTITUT is DIBt approved testing, inspection and certification body and authorised to perform the respective AgBB tests.


Welcome and short introduction of eco-INSTITUT | Daniel Tigges | eco-INSTITUT Germany GmbH

Key lecture: Introduction into the the AgBB scheme 2021 | History, development, contents and the current version AgBB 2021 | Dr. Ana Maria Scutaru  | (German Environment Agency | AgBB – Secretariat Committee for Health Evaluation of Building Products)

An insight into the emissions laboratory | Emissions tests following AgBB scheme and EN 16516 | Alexandra Kühn | eco-INSTITUT Germany GmbH

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About the „Competence meets Cooperation“ online seminar series

Since 2020, the eco-INSTITUT host the online seminar series“Competence meets Cooperation“ with various experts from different sectors, certification and testing organisations.

The focus of the seminar series is on certifications and requirements for indoor products in the international and European context: Our aim is to bring together a „multi-expert panel“ for you within the allotted three-quarters of an hour to discuss questions on the respective topic from the perspectives and experiences of all stakeholders.

In addition to short impulse lectures, talks and discussions with participants from the industries of construction products, furniture, building planning and architecture via chat or video function are planned in particular. Participation in one or more seminars is free of charge.

We look forward to seeing you there!


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