11. January 2018 | All posts, Archive, eco-INSTITUT news, Press releases

Beginning of 2018 a new stainless steel test chamber of 20 cubic metres for emissions testing according to ISO 16000 was brought into service by eco-INSTITUT Cologne. The test chamber is at disposal mainly for manufacturers of furniture and electrical equipments.So, from now on, whole-body testings of extra-size furniture and electrical equipment can be performed, e.g. in the context of certification programmes such as the eco-INSTITUT-Label, Blue Angel or DGM emissions label

“We are happy to be able to improve with this new test chamber our services for emissions testings following national and international critieria, esp. for manufacturers of furniture, furnishings and electrical equipments.“

says Daniel Tigges, managing director of eco-INSTITUT.

Go to info sheet of the new test chamber.


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