Furniture and furnishings

Furniture and furnishings should not only be nice and functional but also health agreeable. Since they can – like construction products and floor coverings – contribute to indoor air pollution by their large surfaces.

Through this well-being and life quality can be affected.

Problematic substances can originate for example in timber products, adhesives, surface coatings or cover materials.

For round 30 years one of our top priorities of our testing competences is the measurement of emissions in more than 90 test chamber after ISO 16000.

eco-INSTITUT is testing laboratory and contact for the following certifications and programmes for furniture and furnishings:

Service overview:

  • Emissions and pollutant testing
  • Content analyses for heavy metals, AOX|EOA, biocides, phthalates, flame retardents and more
  • Advice during product development and optimation, assurance of continuuous product quality and support in terms of national and international quality criteria and legal requirements
  • Quality assurance
  • Odour testing after VDA
  • Toxilogical and ecological evaluations
  • Damage case analysis
  • External and quality inspection

eco-INSTITUT tests:

  • Furniture
  • Furnishings

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