Indoor air measurements in buildings

Starting at the evaluation of test results over extensive toxilogical evaluations to product evaluations in terms of a product’s health and environment tolarance:

In cooperation with its partners of many years like like eco-Luftqualität + Raumklima GmbH in the Cologne area eco-INSTITUT provides a laboratory service for all aspects of indoor analysis and evaluation including the issueing of redevelopment concepts for building:

  • Investigations and expert evaluations of problem definitions in connection with air pollutions and the indoor climate
  • Measurements and source determinations of indoor air pollutions, pollutants, odours
  • Evaluations of microbiological and hygenic indoor air characteristics
  • Polluted land registers (e.g.  im terms of asbestos, AMF, PCB, PCP, moulds)
  • Determination of the causes of sensitivity disorders, etc.
  • Analysis of biological impurities (allergens, toxins, moulds)
  • Testing and evaluation of building pollutants
  • Expert opinions on emissions from construction products
  • Expert opinions on cases of building damages
  • Developments of concepts for  pollutant investigations of public buildings
  • Inspections of buildings, pollutant determinations, samplings, risk evaluations
  • Redevelopment concepts, performance specifications, redevelopment inspections
  • Development of innovative redevelopment methods
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