Analysis service for experts

The service portfolio of eco-INSTITU goes beyonf the chemical analytical aspects of porduct testing:

For around 30 years one of the priotieties of eco-INSTITUT’s core competence lies on indoor air measurement with focus on emissions testing.

eco-INSTITUT is first contact and partner for experts and building biologists for the following services:

  • Analysis service: VOC and aldehyde according to ISO 16000-6 (Tenax) and ISO 16000-3 (DNPH)
  • Odour testing according to ISO 16000-28 and VDA 270
  • Formaldehyde measurement according to EN 717-1 and flask method EN 717-3
  • Formaldehyde adegradation measurement according to ISO 16000-23
  • VOC degradation testing according to ISO 16000-24
  • Headspace emissions testing
  • In cooperation with accredited partner laboratories: content testing for phthalates, heavy metals, pesticides, adsorbable organic compounds, flame retardents and many more
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