Lab testing: Furniture | furnishings

(1) Individual test programme

eco-INSTITUT examines furniture and furnishings for emissions, critical substances and odours. We are happy to create an individual programme for your product development or optimisation.

(2) Voluntary quality labels

Manufacturers may prove on a voluntary basis that their product is low-pollutant and environmentally friendly. eco-INSTITUT is an approved testing laboratory for a large number of national and international quality labels. The respective certification body is responsible for awarding the respective quality labels.

eco-INSTITUT also offers its own quality label, the eco-INSTITUT label, which marks indoor products being non-hazardous to health and the environment.

(3) Legal requirements

There are no legal requirements for furniture and further furnishings in terms of emissions, critical substances and odour.

eco-INSTITUT is test lab and contact for the following test programmes and quality labels for furniture and furnishings:

eco-INSTITUT tests:

  • Furniture of wood, plastics or metall
  • Upholstered furniture (leather/textiles)

eco-INSTITUT is looking forward to hearing from you!


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