Chemical safety

eco-INSTITUT & REACH regulation

With chemical expertise, eco-INSTITUT supports manufacturers in understanding and correctly implementing the requirements of the REACH Regulation. However, we do not issue REACH certificates or REACH declarations of conformity – such documents are also not provided for under the REACH Regulation (see also

Our services in detail:

  • Support in strategic planning for the information obligation according to Article 33 REACH Regulation for products
  • Plausibility checks of supplier information on ingredients in articles
  • Plausibility checks of supplier information and safety data sheets of mixtures and substances
  • Support in own supplier communication (“asking the right questions”)
  • Material categorisation and development of a probability-based testing strategy
  • Sample testing of supplier products and mixtures
  • Support in the definition/calculation of the respective REACH reference quantity for products
  • Support in the preparation of REACH information sheets for products
  • Risk analysis for Proposition 65

Further information

If you would like to learn more about the REACH regulation and what role it plays in terms of the eco-INSTITUT-Label, read the following technical paper by Daniel Tigges:  Chemical safety in the EU: the REACH Regulation which was originally published in our eco blog on March 31st, 2022.


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