External inspection

eco-INSTITUT is approved DIBt inspection and certification body for external inspection in the context of national technical approvals of floor coverings, sports flooring and wall coverings in indoor spaces.

According to the judgement of European Court (CJEU case c-100/13) the employment of the Ü mark for construction products already bearing the CE mark after the Construction Products Regulation not allowed anymore since October 15th, 2016. Since this point of time no Ü marks or Ü certificates are allowed to used or required.

So the external inspections as base for Ü marking being stipulated in the national technical approvals paragraph 2.3.3 are not required anymore in contruction legal terms.

In the case a manufacturer continues to employ a national technical approval as proof of compliance with German product and construction requirements the external inspection being stipulated in the national technical approval is required.

Many manufactuers continue to use eco-INSTITUT’s competences and let eco-INSTITUT perform external inspection on the basis already existing national technical approvals

Advantages of external inspection by eco-INSTITUT:

  • Control as part of internal quality management through independent body
  • Proof of complete compliance with requirements of national technical approvals
  • Partner for product testing and procedure of furnishing proof in terms of health protection for developments of new products for which no national technical approval can be applied
  • Regular information on latest developments in the context of Model Building Regulation in Germany and Model Administrative Regulation Technical Building Rules (succeeding tool of Building Regulation Lists).
eco-INSTITUT is happy to perform external inspections for your company!


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