“The fountainhead to found the company was an initiative of some friends who wanted to realise after their university degrees an independent activity in the branch of environment and consumer protection.”

eco-INSTITUT is one of the most experienced laboratories in Germany recognising  – already in the 1980s – relevance and correlation of good indoor air quality to health and well-being of the human being – after all the human being of this latitude spends up to 90 percent of his/her time indoors – whether it might be at home, at work or school.

Ever since eco-INSTITUT takes a stand for enabling the human being to stay in indoor spaces with good air quality  – in order to freely unfold.

The focus there is mainly on healthy and unhazarduous products being employed during building, restauration and furnishing of living and work spaces of the human being:

indoor air pollution is specially caused by emissions and pollutants being emitted by products and textiles for indoor spaces.

eco-INSTITUT advises and supports

  • responsible manufacturers to develop these products and, if applicable, to get them respectively certified so the consumer can make informed buying decisions
  • considerate planners and architects to realise their project in an environmental and healthconcerned manner
  • authorities and associations to wisely implement legal and voluntary reqirements on indoor products
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