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Beginning of 2017 the US American Environmental Protection Agency integrated the indoor air and pollutant emissions label of SCS Global Services (SCS) into the guidelines and recommendations of requirements for public procurement on an US federal level. The labels SCS Indoor Advantage™, SCS Indoor Advantage™ Gold and FloorScore® belong to these. SCS is cooperation partner of Cologne-based eco-INSTITUT.

“This recommendation by the US environmental agency enables European manufacturers of furniture and construction products to score on public bids,“

Daniel Tigges, managing director of eco-INSTITUT states.

“In order to gain one of the SCS labels European companies may have their product testing directly performed by eco-INSTITUT. Also they may get in touch with the American certification body through us.“

Since May 2016 eco-INSTITUT Cologne is testing partner of SCS Global Services, the only Germany-based one for VOC emissions testing. It is authorised to perform VOC emissions testing for the certification programmes – SCS Indoor Advantage™, SCS Indoor Advantage™ Gold and FloorScore® of its partner. eco-INSTITUT is expert contact for emissions and pollutants testing within the context of certification requirements for US American or international markets.

The official PR by SCS can be read here

Further infos on SCS testing by eco-INSTITUT


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