29. January 2017 | All posts, Archive, World news

The plan of France to launch a furniture emissions label have revised due to the pressure of the furniture industry. The new legal texts regarding the label focus now only on the classification of formaldehyde. The original volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and TVOC total have been omitted.

This new regulation to come sequels the French VOC regulation Émissions dans l’air intérieur* for construction products furnishings, being effective since 2012, and is similarily divided into the classes C (worst classification) upt to A + (best classification).

The planned limit values for formaldehyd amount to ≥ 10 µg/m³ in the classification C and  < 3 µg/m³ in classification A+.

The launch of the label being obligatory for all funriture goods on the the French market has been now postponed for a year:

products, new on the French market from 2020, January 1st, 2020, is the deadline, for products already on the French market January 1, 2021.

Further infos and the legal texts (only avaliable in French) can be found on the site of the French government


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