25. January 2018 | All posts, Archive, World news

2018 Blue Angel celebrates its 40th birthday. Reason enough to launch a new design.In the post on the site of the Blue Angel it says on this:

Form and colour are clearer and more concise, the logo has been simplified.

The whole post on this you find (in German only though) on the site of the Blue Angels here

About Blue Angel

The Blue Angel is the first and most well-known quality label of the world. SFor 40 years it labels products being particularily environmentally and climatically friendly: up till today more than 12.000 times the Blue Angel mark has been awarded to products and services by more than 1.500 companies. eco-INSTITUT is Blue Angel-approved testing laboratory and authorised to perform tests following the criteria of the Bleu Angel focussing on VOC emissions. More information


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