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Mid of February Blue Angel imposed a moratorium on appliance of preservative substances isothiazolinones in dull white dispersion paints: with immediate effect the quality label will not be issued for wall paint products (in the shade of dull white) when containing starting isothiazolinones. Already issued Blue Angel labels are not affected by this.

Isothiazolinones (methylisothiazolinone (MIT), chloromethylisothiazolinone (CIT) and benzisothiazolinone (BIT)) are frequently used in dispersion paints as preservative substances. However, the appliance of these substances is questionable due to their allergenic potential: after having dried they might still emit into indoor air and may cause allergies, skin eczemas and further reactions in sensitive persons.

This is the reason eco-INSTITUT already reacted to this during last year’s editing of eco-INSTITUT-Label criteria: Aus diesem Grund reagierte das eco-INSTITUT bereits im vergangenen Jahr bei der Überarbeitung seiner Kriterien zum eco-INSTITUT-Label: from now on content analysis for isothiazolinones are performed during testing of painting and coating materials. The limit values amount to 0,1 mg/kg for CIT and 10 mg/kg for MIT and BIT. In relation to this novelty positive findings of BIT and OIT will also lead to a devaluation in the context of emissions testing.

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