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In December 2019, Environmental Label Jury  hold a meeting and adopted four new environmental labels and revised various DE-UZ award criteria.

Among the revised ones is the DE-UZ 132 award criteria for thermal insulation material and suspended ceilings, which now has been published:

among other things, there have been changes in the emission requirements. The substance acetic acid has been removed from the TVOC and is assessed separately. New, but optional, is the possibility to additionally claim the product as “low odour” if the requirements based on odour tests according to ISO 16000-28 have been met.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding emission and odour measurements.

Go to  the new award criteria DE-UZ 132

eco-INSTITUT is recognized Blue Angel testing laboratory and is authorized to test construction products, floor coverings, leather, mattresses, furniture and doors according to the Blue Angel criteria – the focus is on VOC emissions. More information can be found here.



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