Environmental and climate protection

As company with the target of relevantly contributing to the health of the human being by better and “healthy” products it is a given for eco-INSTITUT to also make a contribution to environmental and climate protection on further areas: naturally eco-INSTITUT receives green power for operating its laboratory and office premises.

Corporate social responsibility

As company eco-INSTITUT lives its societal and social responsibilty in different ways:

  • Flexible working hours schemes and home office

Within the company eco-INSTITUT provides its employees flexible working hours schemes and home office spaces so the employees also can live family time or societal engagement

  • Knowledge and idea mangement by transparency and open communication

Regarding its knowledge and idea mangement eco-INSTITUT counts on transparency and open communication between its employees: company meetings on a weekly basis and joint lunches in the team room belong to the everyday of eco-INSTITUT

  • Work parties and outings

The realisation of work parties and outings are a given for eco-INSTITUT

  • Buyout instead of sellout

In 2012 eco-INSTITUT joined an international group in order to be able to operate on a more global level. However, when after only two and a half years location and structures of company and staff were to be radically changed by the parent company eco-INSTITUT terminated this “excursion” by a so-called management buyout and now operates again as independent Gmbh under private law.

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