25. May 2016 | All posts, Archive, eco-INSTITUT news, Press releases

Since May 2016 eco-INSTITUT is listed as official testing laboratory of Quality Association of German Pre-fabrication   for analysing wood-based materials in accordance with the QDF standards.

The QDF guideline contains test chamber measurements of formaldehyde emissions and analysis of heavy metals and wood protection agents (PCP and lindane).

“We are happy about this acknowledgement of our testing competences“,

says Dipl. Holzwirt (MSc Wood Science and Technology) Daniel Tigges from eco-INSTITUT.

“As we are already cooperating with many manufacturers of wood-based materials and adhesives in terms of emissions testing following for instance German AgBB scheme or our eco-INSTITUT-Label, our customers now may get the QDF tests also performed in our institute.“

About QDF
The Quality Association of German Pre-fabrication (Qualitätsgemeinschaft Deutscher Fertigbau – QDF) exists since 1989 and is an affiliation of relevant German manufacturers of wooden pre-fabricated houses. It stipulates mandatory requirements for economical, ecological, functional and technical qualities of pre-fabricated houses and their modes of formation. The German QDF quality label is one of the most comprehensive pre-fabrication labels having gained an international reputation by now.


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