23. February 2021 | All posts, World news

In mid-February, in cooperation with the Austrian Federal Ministry for Climate Protection the IBO Vienna published under the leadership of Peter Tappler the online simulation tool VIR-SIM 2.1 for calculating the relative risk of contracting an infection via aerosols.

This is available at https://www.corona-rechner.at/ (German only).

The description of the project states:

The simulation programme VIR-SIM is a tool for experts to assess the risk of infection by viruses (e.g. SARS-CoV-2) in indoor spaces. The simulation programme allows the assessment of indoor spaces by determining the relative risk R with regard to diseases caused by potentially infectious aerosol particles. The indoor space to be described is modelled by a set of input parameters that represent the room dimensions, the ventilation situation, the intensity of use and the activity level of the room occupants. The simulation programme is intended to provide building operators, event organisations, employers and, last but not least, public bodies with a guide for rough orientation.

The programme is offered free of charge at https://www.corona-rechner.at with limited options. On request, more complex situations can also be calculated and presented in the form of an expert report:

Go to despciption of the project: http://www.innenraumanalytik.at/pdfs/virsim2punkt1.pdf (German only)

Source: https://www.corona-rechner.at/ (last accessed March 11, 2021)


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