Emissions testing in the context of the EU Taxonomy Regulation

The EU Taxonomy Regulation came into force in 2022. It is a set of rules for defining whether companies operate and act ecologically (and also socially) and thus make comparisons possible within the framework of sustainable investments - "greenwashing" is thereby to be prevented and a contribution to achieving...

ECJ: Titanium dioxide wrongly classified as carcinogenic

Nachdem im Herbst 2019 die EU-Kommission Titandioxid in Pulverform als kanzerogen eingestuft hatten, hatten verschiedene Unternehmen aus der Farb- und Lackbranche gegen diese Verordnung geklagt. Jetzt im November 2022 entschied der europäische Gerichtshof (EuGH), dass Titandioxid zu Unrecht als kanzerogen eingestuft worden war und erklärte die Verordnung als nichtig. 

GEV-EMICODE®: edited testing method published

In September 2022, GEV-EMICODE@ published an updated version of its testing method: with regard to the assessment of saturated and unsaturated hydrocarbons, chapter "Complex substance mixtures" was adapted.

Pollutant profile: Isocyanates

What characterises individual indoor pollutants? What are the sources of pollutants? How do these chemicals affect humans and the environment? And how does the eco-INSTITUT judge the substances? These and other questions are answered in our "pollutant profile" section.


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