Worldwide standard for natural textiles

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is a worldwide standard for the processing of textiles made from biologically produced natural fibers.

In 2005 the International Working Group on Global Organic Textile Standard (IWG), consisting of member organisations IVN , OTA , Soil Association and JOCA , developed the first version of the standard.

Aim was and still is to realise a harmonised and worldwide recognised standard and test method for organic textiles.

The GOTS standard defines requirements for the entire textile production chain and thus covers production, manufacture, packaging, labeling as well as trade and distribution. The textiles must consist of at least 70 percent of certified organic natural fibers.

Meanwhile, the IWG has revised and developed the standard several times. In March 2023, the GOTS version 7.0 was released and has to be implemented  March 1st, 2024 (see also news).

The certification is carried out by the non-profit Global Standard GmbH.

Subject to change without notice; last update: 7th April 2020



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