Label for carpets

The GUT signet for carpet is the test seal of the Gemeinschaft umweltfreundlicher Teppichboden e.V. (GUT), which consists of leading European carpet manufacturers.

It is now the best-known carpet seal in Europe and an integral part of the European PRODIS product information system for textile floor coverings, which was introduced in 2004. The GUT-PRODIS product passport was launched in 2020. All details about a product can be accessed online.

The test is divided into the following sections, for example:

Pollutant testing (heavy metals, plasticisers, biocides and pesticides, POPs
Emission testing according to ISO 16000 (incl. formaldehydes, aldehydes, ketones and carcinogenic substances)
Sensory odour testing

Limit values GUT

Substance/ limit value after 3 days in μg/m3 after 28 days in μg/m3
TVOC (C6-c16) 250 100
SVOC (C16-C23) 30 30
VOC without LCI 100 50
C.M.R. n.i. n.i.
Formaldehyde 10 4
Acetaldehyde 10 4
Octanal 11 5
Nonanal 20 8
Further aldehydes; each 20 8
4-Phenylcyclohexene*’ 15 5
4-Vinylcyclohexene*’ n. i. n.i.
Styrene’ 5 2
Naphtaline’ 7 3
Tetrachlorethylene’ 26 10
2-Ethylhexylacid’ 38 15
Toluene’ 50 20
1,4 Dichlorbenzene’ 100 40
Vinylacetate*’ 100 40
Xylol’ 100 40
Ethylbenzene’ 100 40
R value <1 <1
Phthalates (DBP, DEHP, DEP, BBP, DOP, DMP; each) 1 1

*not on LCI list (July 2018)

‘ Substances with individual GUT limit value

About GUT

The aim of GUT is to continuously improve the environmental and consumer-friendliness of textile floor coverings – with regard to their entire life cycle: from environmentally friendly production to safe installation and use that is not harmful to health to environmentally friendly disposal or recycling.

Subject to change without notice; last updated 15 May 2023

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For GUT signet the following products can be tested by eco-INSTITUT*:
  • (Textile) floor coverings

*Please note: GUT signet is not awarded by eco-INSTITUT itself. eco-INSTITUT is approved GUT testing laboratory and authorised to perform the respectiv pollutants and emissions tests.

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