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For more than 25 years, the ÖkoControl Association of Ecological Furniture Stores (Verband ökologischer Einrichtungshäuser e.V.) tested natural furniture, mattresses and bedding of listed companies for harmful substances according to the criteria of its own ÖkoControl seal and was thus one of the pioneers on the market. The aim was to offer customers a trustworthy and transparent testing system and quality mark in the field of so-called organic furniture. Because “organic furniture” was not and is not a protected term.

Reorientation: ÖkoControl recommended instead of ÖkoControl seal

At the beginning of 2023, the association reorganised itself in a special meeting and further said goodbye to its ÖkoControl seal.

In its message on this, ÖkoControl announces the following:

Instead of listing and testing, the new orientation focuses on a joint appearance of retailers and manufacturers in order to be able to communicate more effectively the importance of ecological furnishings as a building block of a sustainable lifestyle.

“We are not a buying association, but strong as a network of like-minded organic retailers and manufacturers”.

The sign of this partnership will be the new ‘ÖkoControl empfohlen’ [ÖkoControl recommended’] label for manufacturers who can meet the association’s extensive catalogue of criteria. In addition to product testing, the supply chain and sustainable business management will also be considered. Both existing certifications by recognised ecological labels and the fundamental ecological orientation of the company with the recognisable goal of permanent improvement are to be taken into account. Accordingly, ‘ÖkoControl recommended’ does not intend to compete with labels such as Eco-INSTITUT or QUL, but to offer consumers a more holistic orientation.

“ÖkoControl recommended’ is our initiative against greenwashing. Manufacturers who are serious about protecting people, the environment and health are welcome to join us.”

To the entire news on the page of ÖkoControl (German only; last accessed on April 27th, 2023)

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