European marking of floor coverings

The placing of construction products on the European market is regulated by the European Construction Regulation (CPR). Construction products complying with the requirements stipulated in the technical specifications are entitled to be identified with the CE marking and to be traded.

This regulation applies

  • since 2007, to resilient, textile and laminate floor covering (EN 14041)
  • since 2010, to parquet and wood flooring  (EN 14342)

European notified bodies like eco-INSTITUT are authorised to perform the required tests.

EN 16516

Harmonised testing method for evaluation of VOC emissions off construction products

On the basis of the EU-Mandate M366 the working group of the European Committee for Standardization CEN/TC351/WG2 developed a harmonised testing method for evaluation of VOC emissions off construction products.

The title of the harmonised testing method, having been adopted as draft on Sept 6th, 2012, is “Construction products – Assessment of release of dangerous substances – Determination of emissions in indoor air”. The first part of the draft’s validation, however, has been already published as the study “Robustness Validation of Methods”.

The publication of the harmonised testing method as CEN technical specification (CEN/TS 16516) was published in October 2013.

The standard is available via DIN- Normenaussuss Bauwesen at Beuth-Verlag.

The publication of the harmonised testing method as EN standard took place in October 2017. (

The according product standards (hEN’s) have to be completed by product-specific precepts for sampling and sampling preparation.

For the future it is planned to replace national approvals by CE marking.

German national technical approvals (Ü mark) are affected by this: on Oct 16, 2014, European Court of Justice suspended the German regualtion on Ü marks for florr coverings as trading barrier in the EU. Since Oct 16, 2016 the law is effective. The federal goverment of Germany, however, filed a suit in spring 2017 as through this big gaps in security standards for constrution products have come into existence. (s. also news).

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For CE marking requirements the following products can be tested by eco-INSTITUT*:
  • Resilient floor coverings
  • Textile floor coverings
  • Laminate flooring
  • Wooden flooring
  • Parquet

*as European notified body for external inspection and product testing (AoC 1 and 3) in the domain of the EN 14041 and  European notified body for product testing (AoC 3)

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