Quality Seal Sustainable Building Plus & Quality Seal Sustainable Building Premium

In order to promote a uniform understanding of sustainability while at the same time creating a secure framework for the allocation of funding, the Federal Ministry of Housing, Urban Development and Building (BMWSB) has launched the Quality Seal for Sustainable Buildings (Qualitätssiegel Nachhaltiges Gebäude – QNG). The aim of the QNG is to disseminate the principles and objectives of sustainable planning, construction and operation in the German construction and real estate sector.

The QNG is awarded in the categories Quality Seal Sustainable Building Plus and Quality Seal Sustainable Building Premium. There are seal variants for residential construction and seal variants for non-residential construction.

Emission and pollutant tests according to QNG requirements

As an accredited testing laboratory for emission and pollutant testing, the eco-INSTITUT is happy to be your contact for the product tests required under QNG Annex 313 (see “Download documents for download”).

In addition, the eco-INSTITUT-Label can serve as a direct proof of the requirements of the QNG criteria catalogue: since 2018, the eco-INSTITUT-Label is a recognised product label of the DGNB, which is one of the authoritative certification bodies of the quality seals.

Test reports and certificates from the eco-INSTITUT can therefore be used as part of a QNG assessment by third-party bodies, such as the Sentinel Haus Institut.

Subject to change without notice; last updated 25th May 2023

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The following products can be tested by the eco-INSTITUT for the Sustainable Building Quality Seal*:
  • Construction products

*Please note: The QNG quality seal is not awarded by the eco-INSTITUT itself. The eco-INSTITUT is an accredited emission testing laboratory according to ISO 16000 and EN 16516 and is authorised to carry out these emission and pollutant tests, which are recognised within the framework of the QNG.

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