Norwegian Technical Approval for construction products

A SINTEF Technical Approval (Teknisk godkjenning – TG) is a voluntary documentation that a construction product is considered suitable for use, and that it meets the Regulations on technical requirements for construction work (TEK), provided the areas of use and conditions specified in the TG document are followed. The SINTEF TG also states that the product meets the requirements for product documentation in accordance with the Regulations on documentation of construction products (DOK).

A TG document contains documentation of all relevant properties of the product, as well as information regarding installation instructions, acceptable conditions of use and environmental assessments.

A European Technical Assessment (ETA) (formerly known as European Technical Approval) is a basis for CE marking of construction products where the product is not covered by a harmonized product standard. If an ETA is issued for a product, the product must be CE marked accordingly.

For CE-marked products, SINTEF Technical Approval is an additional documentation that shows that the product is in accordance with the requirements of the Norwegian regulations and construction practice. It is important to be aware that a CE marking is not sufficient documentation for products to be used in construction works in Norway. The product must also satisfy requirements in Norwegian building regulations. The CE marking indicates only that the product can be marketed and sold legally in Norway, not used.

SINTEF monitors internal production control during inspection at the production site. In addition to this, the products are also regularly tested in either our own laboratory, or in other accredited laboratories.

SINTEF Technical Approval is aimed at the Norwegian market, and covers all types of building products, from components to construction systems.
The documentation scheme is suitable for new and established products, and applies to both Norwegian-produced and imported construction products.

The SINTEF Technical Approval includes requirements for VOC emissions to the product after 28 days. The measurements are to be performed according to EN 16516 in conjunction with ISO 16000-3, -6 and -9. The certification systems M1 Finland and GEV EMICODE® are automatically described as conforming to the requirements. For glued wood products only formaldehyde requirements according to class E1 are required. The eco-INSTITUT, as an accredited testing laboratory, can offer emission tests according to the SINTEF requirements.

The requirement of SINTEF Technical Approval can be found in the tab “Download documents.”


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Source: SINTEF

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SINTEF TG technical approval

For SINTEF TG eco-INSTITUT may test the following products*:
  • Construction products

*Please note: SINTEF Technical Approval is not awarded by eco-INSTITUT itself. eco-INSTITUT is authorised to test following SINTEF requirements in terms of VOC emissions. 

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