Mark of conformity in the context of national technical approvals

Please note: Ü mark for floor coverings and laying materials is currently put to the test! All latest developments on the topic you find in the news section on this page.


The European Construction Products Regulation (CPR) describes the fundamental requirements on hygiene, health and environment protection. In Germany, these were specified, especially in terms of emissions behaviour, as approval principles for health-evaluation of construction products by German Institute for Structural Engineering .

So, for reasons of health and environment protection, in Germany the Ü mark of conformity on the basis of national technical approval was required for products to be used in indoor spaces.

Those who used products not being Ü mark labelled being e.g. nevertheless sold in DIY stores defied the Building Regulations of the Land.

The European Court defined this as trade barrier on the market of the European Union and suspended the compulsory application of Ü mark for floor coverings in Germany from Oct 16, 2016: the use of of European CE mark is to be sufficient.

The Federal Government of Germnay though filed a suit against this in spring 2017 as big gaps in safety standards were caused by this.

On this page we keep you in the loop on the current development of the future of Ü mark.

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Following the requirement of German Institute for Structural Engineering the following products can be tested by eco-INSTITUT*:
  • Floor coverings
  • Construction products

*as approved testing body for DIBt approvals and European notified body for external inspection and product testing (AoC 1 & 3) in the domain of the EN 14041 and as European notified body for product testing (AoC 3) in the domain of EN 14342.

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